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Exhibitor / Vendor FAQ

Exhibitor / Vendor

  1. Reminder about staking down tents, canopies, etc.

    Please remember to stake down your tent, canopy, etc.

  2. When can I meet with the exhibitor coordinator?

    Times can be arranged if John at bowenjola @

    John will also be on site Friday afternoon July 1st for those who want to set up early and on Saturday morning July 2nd as well.

  3. How do I set up an exhibit or sell things at Airport Day?

    In general, we try for an aviation theme, but are flexible.  Our goal is to have a kid friendly, aviation and Independence Day themed event.

    If you wish to be an exhibitor or vendor at Airport Day at the Mansfield Lahm airport on Saturday July 2, 2016, email John at bowenjola @ (remove spaces before and after "@") with the following information:

    Your name, phone, email address, postal address and a short description of your exhibit or sales venture.

    John will get back to you within 3 days.

  4. Is there a fee? What is provided?

    We do not charge exhibitors or vendors a fee but if a vendor makes sales that day we ask for a 10% of sales donation which goes to our Garden of Heroes Family Aviation Park project at the airport.   A donation receipt will be mailed to you after the event.  

    The vendors will set up outside on the grass providing their own tables, tents, etc. In most cases we do not provide electricity or water. Most vendors set up that morning between 8 and'll be able to drive your vehicle in to set up and then move it to the vendor / volunteer parking area nearby.  You can also set up Friday afternoon.

  5. What did the exhibitor area look like last year?

  6. What did the event look like last year?

  7. What is the purpose of Mansfield Airport Day?

    Purpose of Mansfield Airport Day 2016:

    Showcase the Airport and its activities in a manner that informs, enlightens, and entertains our local citizenry as well as fostering interest in aviation.

    This is an annual event to be held on the first Saturday in July…this year that is July 2, 2016.

    This year our theme is "Keep Flying!"

     An additional goal is to help raise funds for the Garden of Heroes Family Aviation Park at the airport now complete but a few bills to pay off. Admission and parking will be free to the general public although there will be a charge for food and airplane rides.  

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